Orebro County
Here are some more of my photographs of Orebro County in Narke Province, Sweden.
Jean Baptiste Bernadotte
Founder of the Bernadotte Dynasty
He was one of Napolean's field marshall's
He became King Charles XIV John in1818
A view of the city of Orebro
A view of the city of Orebro
An open air museum of an old Swedish village of the 16th century
Street scene in Stockholm
(it has nothing to do with anything, but I love the statue)
Cousins in Bo Park
Anne, Kathy & Stephanie
Giant Hamilton Grave Marker in Bo
It broke in two & was restored
Orebro Castle
Pedestrian Mall in downtown Orebro
Spring time in Bo

Bo is well known for its beautiful anemones. 
Stora Gambro
This is where Gustava went to live as a foster child with the Andersson family.
Baron Hamilton's home in Bo.
This is the church at Bo.
This is the graveyard at Bo.
A pet moose.
The following pictures were taken by Bjorn Thysell of Vingaker, Sweden.  Vingaker is quite near Bo.
This is Boskulla in Bo Parish.  It is thought that Hanna worked here for awhile.  She was Karl August's sister.  This is where the present Baron Hamilton plans on moving.