Brundby, Samsoe, Denmark
Tena's father, Hans Jorgen Mortensen was from Brundby on the Island of Samsoe.  It is known that his family has lived on Samsoe Island at least since 1645. Tena's mother, Abelone Nielsen was born 25 February 1849 in Vester Bisholdt, Vejle County, Denmark.  Hans left Samsoe Island by 1870 and moved to Vejle County.
These are pictures that I took when I went to Samsoe Island, in 1987, with 3 cousins.
This picture was taken on the ferry just as it was arriving in Samsoe Island.
Farming area around Brundby
Brundby Hotel, where we stayed while we were on Samsoe Island
Dining room
The entire hotel was filled with beautiful blue, painted furniture
This is the Samsoe Museum
It is in an old farm house.
This sampler was found in the trunk that the Mortensen's brought over from Denmark
It is believed that it was made by Abelone Nielsen about 1870.
  House in Brundby
Anne Fisher & Anne Tassier, on the beach, at Ballen on Samsoe.
Foyer of the Brundby Hotel
Old Post Mill in Brundby
Anne Fisher, Stephanie Tassier & Kathy Walts