Samsoe Island
The family of Hans Jorgen Mortensen has lived on the Island of Samsoe, Denmark for at least 400 years.  It is a small farming and fishing community.  Samsoe Island is nestled between the peninsula of Jutland and the Island of Sjaelland.
Hans & Abelone were married on 21 February 1871 in Glud Parish, Vejle County, Denmark.  This picture was taken in Hessel, Michigan on the homestead that they farmed.  They had 160 acres of land which bordered Lake Huron. 
Abelone holding her first child, Ane Marie, in1872.  Ane Marie was born 25 May 1871 in Vester Bisholt, Skjold Parish, Denmark.
Tranebjerg Church
This church dates from the 1500's
Hans was christened at this church and his parents were buried here.
These are some of the interesting grave markers from the Tranebjerg Cemetery
The church cemetery was very attractive, filled with lovely flowers and bushes surrounding all the graves
The Samsoe Museum is inside an old Nordby farmhouse from 1917
The Windmill, in Brundby, dates from 1650
We found this Danish hymn book in an old trunk that Hans & Abelone brought over from Denmark.
It is from the Home Mission Church. This was part of a revival movement that began in the 1860's.  There were two branches of the Lutheran Church.  Hans and Abelone were members of the stricter branch.

Church Association for the Home Mission
in Denmark
The Index to the Hymn book
Songs from the hymn book

Hans as a young boy in Denmark