Stenderup Parish
Else Marie Mikkelsdatter was born in Braa Molle, Stenderup Parish, Vejle County, Denmark  on 2 January 1785.  She was the daughter of Michel Olsen Moller and Anne Kirstine Rasmusdatter.  Else Marie was the Great-great-great grandmother of  Dorthea "Tena" Mortensen.  There is still a mill at Braae Molle today. 
Stenderup Parish Church
Several generations of Tena's ancestors were christened, married and buried in Stenderup Parish. 
All of these photographs were taken by Arne and Bodil Nielsen of Ballerup, Denmark.
Bodil Nielsen is standing in front of the approach to the mill from the north.
The farmhouse adjacent to Braa Molle.
The road toward the small bridge of Braa Molle.  The Nielsen's car is parked in front of the bridge.
The small yellow house is the watermill of Braa Molle.
This is the western gate of Braa Molle.
The western gate and in the distance the small yellow water mill house.
The present owner of Braa Mill is a stone sculptor named Ulrich Schreiber.  He has a web site which describes Braa Mill.  His web site address is:

Mr. Schreiber describes Braa Mill as a beauty of nature.  It is situated in the middle of Bjerre Herred which is a peninsula between Horsens and Vejle inlets.  Here where Smedebaekken (Smith's brook) ends at the dam of the mill in a roaring waterfall, the creek runs friendly through the beautiful landscape called Urlev A ( creek) and later the name is changed to Orum A and Roden A to end in Vejle inlet.

According to Mr. Schreiber Braa Mill has been a working mill since the 1500's until 1959.  There was a big fire in 1874 and the whole mill was reduced to ashes.  Mr. Schreiber took over the mill in 1991 and restored it after another fire in 1993.
Arne & Bodil Nielsen are Danish friends of mine.  They drove to Braa Molle and took these pictures and sent them to me.  They provided me with Mr. Schreiber's name and address.  I wrote to him , but he never answered. Fortunately he took my letter to the local archives.  Anna Laursen found my letter while she was doing research at the archives.  That is how I found my Danish relatives or rather how they found me.