Aspelund, Bo Parish, Sweden

The home of Charles Nye
( born Karl August Karlsson )
In 1987 I went to Sweden and Denmark with 3 cousins.  The purpose of our trip was to visit the ancestral homes of our Greatgrandparents, Charles and Tena.  These are some of my photographs from that trip.  The highlight of the trip was being able to meet my Grandmother Ellen's cousin, Svea.  It was especially exciting because my Grandmother's Uncle Bill had returned to Sweden and lived with Svea's family.  He had taught her some English and told her many stories about the family in Michigan.
Svea at a family dinner at the home of one of her children.
Ellen had this picture taken by a professional photographer
Svea Maria Jonsson was the daughter of Augusta, the sister of Charles.  Charles named his daughter, Ellen after his sister, Augusta. 
Svea Maria Thysell Jonsson of Orebro, Narke, Sweden
Ellen Augusta Nye Mathews Lamoreaux of Hessel, Michigan, USA
Svea's children took us to see Aspelund.  The original homestead was replaced in 1903.  Since Charles left in 1888, this is not the house where he lived, but it is the same area. The people who live in this house graciously allowed us to tour their home and grounds.
Aspelund, Bo Parish, Orebro County
Irina Jonsson, Stephanie Tassier, Kathy Walts, Jan Jonsson, Mona Olsson, Kaj Jonsson, & Anne Fisher
View standing in front of the farm house
A side view of the farm house
The root cellar, the only original structure left
We had a tour of the countryside and a picnic lunch in a park by a lake.  Charles' father, Karl Johan Larsson was a farmer for the Hamilton family.  We went to see the Hamilton Manor House and walked around the grounds.  We also visited the chapel for the Hamilton family and saw their large tombstones.
Lake in the park where we had our picnic lunch
Kaj & Irina with one of the horses on the Hamilton estate
A close up picture of the Hamilton Manor
A long distance picture of the Hamilton Manor
A long distance picture of the Hamilton tombstones
A close up picture of a Hamilton tombstone
Park in Bo, Orebro County
Another view of lake & park in Bo
Hamilton Chapel