Bo Parish
These pictures are from Bjorn Thysell.  He has done a lot of research and located some of the ancestral homes and other exciting documents.  Bjorn in the grandson of Augusta who was the sister of Karl August (Charles Nye).
This is Svalnas, the name of the farm house in which Karl August was born.  Our family first began living here in 1784. This house is occupied now and the family that currently lives there said that the right half of the house is original and the left half was added later.  Gustava came to work here as a servant in 1859 and later that same year married Karl Johan.  Baron Hamilton was the owner of this farm and he made  the family moved to Latu in November 1870.  Latu was the farm house next to Svalnas.
This is Djurnastorp, the house where Olof Djurfeldt went when he became a soldier in 1815.  The local farmers were required to provide a house for the soldier.  Gustava Olsdotter was born here.  She was the mother of Karl August.  No one lives here at this time and the house is in some disrepair.  Bjorn Thysell and his dog are standing next to the house.  Gustava's father became ill in 1841 and had to leave this soldier house.  The family moved to a nearby residence named Skanstorp.  Nothing is left of Skanstorp today.  Bjorn & I went to visit Djurnastorp in 2008.  We found that the house had been completely torn down - only the foundation was still visible.
The parents of Karl August, Karl Johan Larsson and Gustava Olsdotter, became Baptist in 1869.  Karl Johan helped to construct this Baptist Chapel.  It was called "Elim" and was in operation from 1875-1975. 

There was no religious freedom in Sweden and it was mandated that everyone must be Lutheran.  Other religions bgan to be tolerated in the 1860's.  Baron Hamilton owned most of Bo Parish.  He was very powerful and controlled the lives of most of the people there.  He liked the Baptist because there was a serious drinking problem at that time and the Baptist did not drink.  The Baron donated the land and timber for the Baptist Chapel.  This Chapel is now a Bed and Breakfast and is designated as a historic landmark.
This is the Averby railway station from where the emigrants  began their journey to the New World.  The emigrants took the the train to Goteborg and then got on a ship to Hull, England.  It is now occupied by a German artist and is a historic landmark.
This is a page from the Husforhusbok for 1881-1885.  It was required that the Lutheran Priests visit each family in their parish once per year.  During the visit they recorded data on the families and gave them an examination on their knowledge of Christian doctrine.   This page shows that Karl Johan Larsson, his wife, Gustava, and their 8 children were living at Aspelund.  It shows that another family was also living there.   Odopt written before the younger 5 children means that they were not baptised.  Karl August has moved out and returned a couple of times during 1881-1885.
This is the second half of the same page from the Husforhorsbok of 1881-1885.  It says that the family is "Baptister"  meaning that they are Baptist.  It is also written "Icke konfirmerad" in several places on this page.    This means that they have not been confirmed in the Lutheran religion.

Bjon has gone through the Husforhorsboks of Bo Parish and he has found that our family attended every examination and communion up to 1868.  They also had their childfren born up to 1868 baptised.  In 1869 they stopped attending communion and no longer baptised their children.  This shows that they became Baptist in 1869.
This is an advertisement that appeared in Swedish newspapers in 1873.  It is an English shipping company.  Karl August emigrated using an English shipping company.  He took an English ship from the city of Gothenberg (Goteborg),  Sweden to Hull, England.  From Hull, he took a train to Liverpool and then got on another ship to the USA.
Karl August had a brother named David Carlson.  He was an engraver.  He emigrated to Chicago, Illinois and later relocated to Florida.  David went to prison in 1928 for counterfeiting.  This is a watch that David sent to his brother, Gustav Adolph.  It says memories to Adolph from brother David.