Orebro, Sweden
The family no longer has any relatives living in Bo Parish.  Charles' sister, Augusta, moved to the city of Orebro on 24 October 1896.  We had fun visiting her daughter, Svea, and her family.  These pictures were taken in the city of Orebro.
Gunilla Jonsson & Linda Jonsson
Gustav Olsson welcoming us to a barbeque
Linda Jonsson, Mona Olsson showing photograph of Uncle David and his wife
Irina Jonsson, Jan Jonsson, & Asa Olsson
Jan Jonsson, Asa Olsson & Sara Olsson
Uncle Bill & Uncle David, in Chicago, Illinois
  John William Nyman & David Carlson
( 2 of Charles' brothers)

Gustava Olsson, Hanna Carlsson & Augusta Thysell
(Charles' mother & 2 of his sisters)
Augusta, Johan Wilhelm (Bill), Svea, Runar Jonsson, Gustav Adolph (Adel)
sitting:   Niels, Edit Slyter & Oscar (Svea's two brothers)
Augusta Thysell & daughter Svea Maria Thysell Jonsson
Family Grave in Orebro
Hotel Owner Hanna Carlsson
Widow Gustava Larsson
John Nyman
Augusta Thysell
Loved and Missed
Kathy Walts taking a picture of the grave
Bridge over Svartan River in Orebro
Street in Orebro
Orebro Castle in the center of the city, built in the 13th century
Park in Orebro
View of the city of Orebro taken from "the Mushroom"
(water tower built in 1956-57)