Hessel, Mackinac Co, Michigan, USA
Hans Jorgen Mortensen emigrated to the USA in 1881.  He came alone to get settled and prepare a home for his family.  Abelone left Denmark on 1 July 1883 from the Port of Hamburg.  She arrived in New York on 16 July 1883.  She had four children when she emigrated, Ane Marie, Tena, Sena and Morten.
Hans & Abelone first settled in Grand Marais in Alger Co, Michigan.  It is here their daughter, Martha, was born.in 1884.   This was at the northern part of the area known as "Pictured Rocks". 
Mortensen Homestead in Hessel

Hans & Abelone moved to the Les Cheneaux area in 1885.  Hans filed a homestead claim on 6 May 1886.  He received his final certificate on 1 July 1891.
Abelone churning butter
Right:  Tena & Ane Marie
( It is unknown when or where this picture was taken)

Below:  Sena ( Nielsine), her husband, Christian Sorensen and their daughter, Anna
Hans & Abelone
The Mortensen Homestead was bordering on Lake Huron.  Mortensen Point is called Mortsen Point on this map.  Cedar Road goes through the Mortensen farm to the village of Hessel.  The Nye Homestead was northwest of the Mortensen Homestead.  Nye Road bisects the Nye farm.

This is a satelite photograph of downtown Hessel.  The highway north of Hessel is M-134.
This is a satelite photograph of the Nye farm.  Nye Road is the road in the center going almost the entire length of the photograph.  M-134 is the highway in the lower left corner and Cedar road is the smaller road at the bottom of the lower left corner.  Family members will recognize several homes of relatives currently living on the Nye farm.
Hans Mortensen with his daughter Martha, granddaughter Anne Sorensen and daughter Mary Murphy ( born Ane Marie).
Hans Mortensen working on his farm.