Thysell Cousins
The pictures on this page are from Bjorn Thysell of Vingaker, Sweden. 
Bjorn Thysell and his dog, Muta.
Bjorn's wife, Birgitta, at a picnic.
Bjorn's grandchildren, Erik, Ellen & Ida.
Bjorn's daughter Karin with her daughter, Kajsa.
Birgita, Ellen, Malin, Erik & Johan
Opening presents at Christmas.
Christmas dinner at Bjorn's house.

Left:  Birgitta, Karin, Erik
Right:  Johan, Kajsa, Malin, Ida
Ellen is closest

Ellen & Ida searching for mussels.
The hotel, in Orebro, where Augusta worked.
Safstaholm Castle in Vingaker, Sweden.

Bjorn's house is right behind the water fountain.
Water fountain in the foreground on the left and Bjorn's house in the background.
Bjorn's house from the back.
Bjorn's house from the front.