Glud Parish, Vejle County, Denmark

Abelone Nielsen and her husband Hans Jorgen Mortensen lived in Glud Parish in Denmark prior to their emigration to the USA.
We did not know where Abelone lived in Denmark.  We had the vaccination certificates of Abelone and her first born child, Ane Marie.  We had a receipt showing that they shopped in Horsens.  We had a letter from Abelone's sister, Anne, that was postmarked from Aastrup, Denmark.  Once we were able to discover that both vacination certificates mentioned Vester Bisholt we were able to locate the records of Aelone's family in Glud Parish, Vejle County, Denmark.
Vester Bisholt is in Skjold Parish in Vejle County.  Abelone was born in Skjold Parish and so was her first child, Ane Marie.  The area where Abelone's family lived was on the borderline of Glud and Skjold Parishes.  Most of the records are in Glud Parish.  The above certificate states that Abelone, daughter of Niels Christensen, lived in V. Bisholt and was vaccinated at the age of 4 on 28 May 1853.
The above certificate states that Ane Marie Mortensen was the daughter of Hans Jorgen Mortensen.  She was vaccinated in July 1872.  She was born and lived in Vester Bisholtmose.
This is the receipt, we have, showing that Abelone purchased fabric from this store in Horsens in June 1883.
This is the house where Niels Christensen and Anne Marie Andersdatter lived in Brund, Skjold Parish, Vejle County, Denmark.  They were the parents of Abelone.
This is the house where Anders Jensen and Else Marie Mikkelsdatter lived in Glud Parish, Vejle County, Denmark.  They were the grandparents of Abelone Nielsen.  They also had a daughter named Ane Kirstine Andersdatter.  She is the ancestor of Anna Laursen and Birthe Laursen.  These two cousins have provided me with a lot of information and pictures.
These are two pictures of the Glud Parish Church.  It is here where Abelone and Hans were married and Dorthe (Tena), Nielsine (Sena) and Morten were christened.
This is the Skjold Parish Church where Ane Marie (Mary Murphy) was christened.