Les Cheneaux
The Nye & Mortensen Homesteads were in the area just outside of Hessel.  Hessel was a small fishing & farming village.  It is part of the area known as Les Cheneaux.  Hessel was originally an Indian Village named Mominang.
Tena with the Nye children all grown up
Manetta, William, Ellen, Jordan, Tena, Carl, Anna Mae, Morten, Dorothy, Frederick & Virginia
This is the house that the Nye family lived in.
This is Nye Road and the house is barely visible in the trees.
Another view of Nye Road
The Presbyterian Church that Charles & Tena attended.  It was built in 1901 on land donated by John Hessel, a fellow emigrant from Sweden, for whom the town of Hessel was named.  The house next to it was owned by Virginia Nye Johnson.
A view of downtown Hessel taken from a boat
Charles & Tena's house is in about the center of the picture
One of the many bays in the Hessel area.
This is Elmer & Nancy Lamoreaux's dock, built by Bud Mathews.
Downtown Hessel during the Antique Boat Show
The house on the right was owned by Charles & Tena.
Main Street in downtown Hessel
The house on the right was owned by Charles & Tena.  After Charles died, Tena sold baked goods and vegetables from this house.  The house has been torn down.  A descendant, Donna Johnson Blosser, has built a modern house on this spot.